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ROGZ Utility Safety Belt Clip Dayglo Yellow

R 99.00


Allow 5-7 Days for Delivery

Allow 5-7 Days for Delivery


ROGZ Utility Safety Belt Clip Dayglo Yellow

Dog & Puppy Product

Puppy, Adult & Senior

All Breed Sizes


ROGZ knows how precious your dogz are. That is why they have developed the ROGZ Safety Belt Clip for those of you who take your driving and safety seriously.

No more Fido jumping on your lap whilst you try and negotiate the corner. No more Rex drooling down your neck and onto the collar of your favourite shirt.

Just slip your car seatbelt through the loop of the Safety Belt Clip, clip it onto your dog's ROGZ H-Harness (not a collar), and your dog (and you) can enjoy your joyride stress free!

One Size 45mm Rogz H-Harness

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