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MYPETKIT PETKIT Smart Grey Pet Bowl with Scale (Large)

PETKIT Smart Grey Pet Bowl with Scale (Large) - Weigh your pet's food!
PETKIT Smart Grey Pet Bowl with Scale (Large)

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MYPETKIT PETKIT Smart Grey Pet Bowl with Scale (Large)

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All Breed Sizes

With the grey, large PETKIT Smart Dog and Cat Food Bowl you can now accurately weigh your pet's food for a healthier lifestyle.

The benefits of the PETKIT Smart Food Bowl for Pets include:

  1. Weight Food by Brand and Breed
    You can get a customised daily feeding amount with the PETKIT iOS?ÿand?ÿAndroid?ÿApp, and as a result, the amount of food you feed your pet will be more accurate and healthier for them. This bowl helps?ÿto weigh the exact food amount suggested.
  2. Strong and Advanced Anti-bacterial and Anti-Diarrhoea Effect
    Diarrhoea mostly comes from food with bacteria. This?ÿbowl uses BioCleanAct?ƒ???› which is a new anti-bacterial material from an organic family, which is covered all over the main body. It can restrain those bacteria which cause diarrhoea, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach and so on. Compared to silver ion(Ag+), it's safer and more efficient in terms of being an anti-bacteria agent.
  3. Safer
    PETKIT Bowl has been certified by several international standards, such as RoHS, CE, FCC and USA and Korea FDA (for BioCleanActTM material). The manufacturer?ÿdoes their best to keep your loved pets safe and healthy.
  4. Washing? Not A Problem!
    Amazingly, this bowl can be easily washed in water.?ÿAs?ÿa precision-designed electronic device, PETKIT do a lot to ensure that it is waterproof including covering the exterior screen with special protection, locating buttons inside, sealing the battery box and implementing a drainage hole as honeycomb at the bottom. All these measures make it possible for this bowl to be washed - just like all?ÿother ordinary tablewares.
  5. Batteries For Two Years
  6. Although this is an electronic device, you don't have to charge it or change the batteries constantly. Because of it's?ÿoptimal design, a pair of AAA alkaline batteries can keep the bowl running for as long as two years*. * Based on three times a day, five minutes each time. Obviously the quality of the batteries will also affect the replacement life.

* Please note: the bowl should be stored in an?ÿenvironment with a temperature between 0?ƒ??’? and 50?ƒ??’? (max).

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