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KYRON Protexin Soluble

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KYRON Protexin Soluble

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Protexin Soluble is a palatable multi-strain probiotic powder which helps to ensure a beneficial balance of digestive tract micro-organisms in all animals. It is a completely natural biological product which helps to boost immunity. This in turn enables the animal to resist the effects of stress and infections.

Protexin Soluble:

    • Should be given as soon as possible after birth to establish the correct balance of microflora in the digestive system.
    • Aids in the control of diarrhoea of non-specific or dietary origin.
    • Should be used during, and after, all antibiotic therapy to restore stomach microflora.
    • Is safe for use in all animals, including those which are pregnant and lactating.

Directions for use:

Please see product insert for dosages according to you pets needs.

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