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KYRON Pheroma Spray 200ml

R 115.00



KYRON Pheroma Spray 200ml

Odour Control

Pheroma Odour Neutralizer Powder is pleasant-smelling in itself, the main action of Pheroma (Powder or Spray) is not simply to mask the offending odour as most other odour removers do. Instead, Pheroma works by chemically neutralising the bad odour. Kyron Pheroma Spray , extremely effective in removing all pet urine odours , and especially cat urine odours. It is highly effective for anal gland odours , cadaver odours , faeces and most other offensive odours.

Directions for use:

First clean the soiled area with warm water then spray Pheroma Spray onto the offensive smell. Pheroma Spray will not stain or damage fabrics and can even be used on car upholstery. Pheroma Spray can be used in conjunction with Footsack Spray when training new pets.

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