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HAPPY HOUND Stress Free Remedy for Dogs (Small & Medium)

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HAPPY HOUND Stress Free Remedy for Dogs (Small & Medium)

Dog & Puppy Product

Puppy, Adult & Senior

Small & Medium Breed

The Happy HoundTM stressfree range contains Valerian, Chamomile and Passionflower, three herbs well-recognised for their relaxing effects on the nervous system. Use to help ease stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and recovery. Helping to support a dog’s natural ability to be relaxed and happy is a rewarding process. For Short-term support – for a single event, give 30 minutes before the event and for Long-term support – for recurrent, or ongoing stress, give twice daily with food, preferably after exercise and before rest.

Directions for use:

Please see product insert for dosages or as directed by your family veterinarian.

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