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ABSOLUTE PETSExspot for Dogs

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ABSOLUTE PETSExspot for Dogs

All-round Health Healthy Development
Dog & Puppy Product

Puppy, Adult & Senior

For dogs and puppies from 2 weeks old. 
Kills and controls flies, ticks (kennel ticks/brown dog ticks) and fleas for more than 4 weeks.

Contains: Permethrin 65 % m/v

Store at or below 25 °C.

  • Handle with care.
  • Do not use on cats as Exspot®Spot-on for Dogs is toxic to cats.
  • Exspot®Spot-on for Dogs should not be used on puppies less than 2 weeks old.
  • Store away from food and feed.
  • Exspot®Spot-on for Dogs is dangerous to fish.
  • Do not allow treated animals to go swimming for 12 hours after treatment.
  • Do not contaminate ponds, dams or rivers with the product or packaging.
  • Dispose of all empty containers according to local waste disposal regulations and do not reuse for any other reason.
  • Although this product has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder.


  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Prevent contamination of food, drinking water and food utensils.
  • Whilst handling Exspot®Spot-on for Dogs, avoid the solution coming into direct contact with your fingers.
  • Wash your hands and any splashes immediately after use.
  • Do not handle the area of application for 3 to 6 hours after treatment.
  • If you are treating a number of dogs you should protect your hands by wearing gloves.
  • Should your dog experience minor irritation on the skin at the site of application, bathe your dog with a mild shampoo. Do not use an insecticidal shampoo.
  • Cats should not be allowed to groom your dog where the solution has been applied.
  • If this should occur, separate the animals and consult your vet.
  • It can be beneficial to apply Exspot®Spot-on for Dogs in the evening, however, you should not let your dog sleep with people especially children directly after treatment.


  • Remove the plastic pipette from the package and cut at the neck to open.
  • Apply by parting your dog’s coat on the back between the shoulder blades and to the tips of the ears where flies are a problem. Squeeze the solution directly onto the skin.
  • Avoid applying the solution to the hair and do not rub into the skin as this will reduce the product’s efficacy.
  • For dogs and puppies weighing up to and including 15 kg, for example an adult Cocker Spaniel, apply 1 plastic pipette (i.e. 1 mℓ) on to the skin between the shoulder blades and on the ears.
  • For dogs and puppies weighing over 15 kg, apply 2 plastic pipettes (i.e. 2 x 1 mℓ). Apply one pipette on to the skin between the shoulder blades plus ears and one pipette on to skin on the back at the base of the tail.

Exspot® Spot-on for Dogs
 will give your dog more than 4 weeks protection and control against flies, ticks (kennel ticks/brown dog ticks) and fleas. In the case of severe infestation, it is safe to re-apply some further treatment 7 days after the initial dose. If your dog gets very wet (i.e. shampooing or swimming) then the protection will be reduced and you should reapply the solution. Note: the 7-day limit still applies.

2 x 1 mℓ pipettes consisting of a blister film foil lid stock sealed into aluminium sachets.

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