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VET IQHealthy Treats - Teething Treats for Puppies

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VET IQHealthy Treats - Teething Treats for Puppies

Oral Care
Dog & Puppy Product


These tasty, easy to administer treats have been specifically designed to meet the specific needs of teething puppies. Our Teething Treats consist of a smooth but rigid outer shell that the puppy can chew on, to pressurise the gums. After a short period the shell will break down to release a creamy filling. This filling is infused with natural extracts of chamomile and menthol that have calming and soothing properties to provide relief to your puppy's sore gums on contact.

  • Nutritious treat for puppies
  • Aids in the control of teething discomfort
  • Contains chamomile extract, menthol extract and clove oils
  • Fortified with Vitamin C

Active Ingredients:

Chamomile * Natural Herb.
* Soothing, calming and relaxing.
* Relaxes and tones the nervous system.
* Analgesic properties which reduces pain.
* Anti-inflammatory properties.
Menthol * Powerful essential oil.
* Acts as a natural mild anaesthetic and evokes a cooling effect on the gums which gives a soothing sensation.
* It has local anaesthetic and counter irritant properties and produces a cooling effect.
* Therapeutic properties of menthol are germicidal and are also known to reduce itching and tenderness which is associated with teething.
Vitamin C * Important in wound healing.
* Maintains healthy epithelial tissues.
* Aids in development of teeth.
* Immune system booster.
Clove Oil * Powerful antibacterial proven to relieve and deaden dental pain.
* Acts on central nervous system stimulating a calming effect.
* Cloves active component eugenol is an effective local anaesthetic and has been used for a long time in dentistry.
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