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ROGZ Lapz Moon Pod Olive Bed

Rogz Lapz Moon Pod Olive Bed
Rogz Lapz Moon Pod Olive Bed

R 555.00


Allow 5-7 Days for Delivery

Allow 5-7 Days for Delivery


ROGZ Lapz Moon Pod Olive Bed

All-round Health Durable Comfortable
Dog & Puppy Product

Puppy, Adult & Senior

Small & Medium Breed

A comfortable and soft dog bed suitable for small to medium size dogs in designer natural tones. Manufactured in South Africa, the soft reversible pillow base of corduroy combined with the comforting appeal of fleece for added insulation, create a cosy sleeping experience all year round. Recycled PET fibre filler is recyclable, safe and non-toxic. Available in two sizes and three colors.


  • Recycled P.E.T Fibre Filler
  • Soft reversible pillow.
  • Comforting Fleece & Casino Corduroy.
  • Non Toxic and Safe.
  • Soft and Quite.

Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes:

Sizes Length Width Height
Small 135mm 520mm 380mm
Medium 160mm 560mm 430mm
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