What’s in a bowl?
August 07, 2018 09:05

Is a bowl just a bowl? At first thought, choosing a bowl for your pet may seem simple, however, the type of bowl you choose can make a real difference to your pet's meal times.

dog and cat eating their food

As an important part of your pet’s day you want them to be comfortable during meal time and develop healthy eating habits. But as you know, each breed is different and therefore so too are their needs.

We have picked out a few specialised pet bowls available in the market that have unique features designed to meet these various needs and assist your pet during meal times.

Bowls for dogs

  • Slow Feeders are for dogs who eat their food too fast. They are designed to slow them down while eating their kibbles and prevent them from gulping. A dog needs to eat slowly to benefit from the dental action provided by the dry kibbles and also to avoid swallowing too much air with their food, which can lead to vomiting. Large or giant breed dogs are particularly at risk of severe bloating when eating too fast. An Olly & Max Slow Feeder Dog Bowl can reduce this problem. The design makes it a bit more challenging for your pet to grab the kibbles forcing longer breaks between each ‘bite’. Meal time then takes a little longer which improves digestion and reduces the amount of air being swallowed with their food. 
  • Slope Bowls are highly recommended for flatter faced dogs such as Pekingese and Pugs for example. The unique design of these bowls makes it easier for the dog to pick up the kibbles as it concentrates the food at the bottom of the bowl. It also creates a more comfortable eating position for smaller breeds as it places less strain on the spine. The Olly & Max Slope Bowls can also be used for water, making them great for dogs who have long ears like spaniels and bassets, who often get their ears wet as their ears fall into the bowl while they’re drinking.
  • Ant bowls are designed to keep ants out of your pets’ food. The detachable base around at the bottom of the bowl is designed in such a way that the ants won’t be able to make their way to the food. Some are designed with a groove or moat around the base to fill with water which prevents the ants from getting your pet’s food. The Best Petz Ant Beater Bowl is a good option as it is made from biodegradable material, making them environmentally friendly.
  • Two-in-one bowls like the Rogz Luna Bowl is not just a trendy bowl design but is conveniently a two-in-one bowl with a non-skid base made to fit easily next to a wall.

Bowls for cats

  • Whisker-friendly bowls - when it comes to cats we have to take into consideration that their faces are flatter and they have long whiskers. The new wide-rim Olly & Max Cat Ripple Cat Dish is whisker-friendly and also sloped in design to make it easier for cats to pick up their food and creates less mess.
  • Double bowls, like the Olly & Max Double Cat Bowl, are a good option for cats as they are not only very stylish but also very convenient, as you only need one bowl for your cat’s food and water.  The stainless steal bowls can be removed from the melamine base making it easier to clean.

Other things to consider when finding a suitable pet bowl:

  • Size: A bowl should be large enough that your pet can comfortably open and close their mouth to grab their kibbles and does not need to be larger. A miniature poodle, for example, and a Great Dane, do not need the same size bowl, even as puppies.
  • Materials used: A variety of materials are used for pet bowls. From plastic to stainless steel, ceramic and even silicone.
    • Plastic bowls are not the most ideal. The plastic is soft, but bacteria can easily build up in the scratches produced from repeated use and cleaning. Cats have been known to develop feline acne on their chin from this harmful bacterium.
    • Stainless steel bowls are durable and a more hygienic and dishwasher safe option. Olly & Max traditional bowls, like the Traditional Stainless Steel Cat Bowl or the Traditional Pet Bowl are made from high quality, easy-to-clean, stainless steel.
    • Ceramic bowls are very beautiful but can be easily broken so are not ideal for over-excited pets or aggressive eaters.
    • Silicone bowls are a new trend in pet bowls. They are non-toxic and easy to clean. The rubbery consistency makes it flexible; and so came about the collapsible pet bowl. This is ideal and most convenient for walks, hikes, visits to the beach - any outing with your pet because it conveniently folds up and packs away and is easy to clean. The Olly & Max Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl easily clips onto a belt or leash, is collapsible for easy storage and can be used for both water and food – the perfect bowl for outdoor adventures.
    • Melamine bowls are hardwearing and dishwasher safe and can’t be chewed like plastic bowls.
    • Rubber base bowls are highly recommended as they are non-skid, which means meal time starts and ends in the same place.

We hope this article has helped you find the right bowl for your pet.

If you would like to view the full range of dog or cat bowls you can visit our website or any Absolute Pets store and our pet care advisors will gladly show them to you.

Happy & Healthy

The Absolute Pets team