LOKUNO: New & Exclusive!!
November 16, 2018 09:34

We are delighted to announce a new addition to Absolute Pets stores, Lokuno!

A new and exciting pet food range that’s simply all about nutrition. Let’s take a closer look at Lokuno dog food and the many benefits of choosing the right food for your greatest companion.

Say hello to Lokuno

Lokuno dog food

Lokuno is about going back to the basics of caring for your pet and focusing on the essentials of what a pet needs, keeping it simple and nutritious.

For your dog to lead a healthy and rewarding life, it all starts with feeding them nutritious food. The Lokuno range is exactly that - a wholesome all-rounder that is:

  • free from artificial colourants and flavourants
  • made with only real ingredients
  • packed with high levels of protein.

With Lokuno, you can rest assured that the food you’re providing your pet:

  • supports healthy skin and coat condition
  • enables and supports healthy digestion
  • provides joint and bone support
  • aids in the development of a healthy immune system.
  • ...and so much more, depending on their life stage.

Wholesome nutrition with none of the bad stuff

Lokuno’s promise is to make real food using real ingredients. The range is a meat-based diet which means the ingredients are inspired by a dog’s natural meat craving. Chicken is the number one ingredient and a natural source of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus and the joint health nutrient, chondroitin.

  • No bovine or fish by-products are used.
  • Absolutely no sugar or etoxyquin are added.

Just as we all want to know exactly what we’re eating, Lokuno believes it’s important to know just what is going into your pet’s food too. It’s for this reason that they are totally transparent with their ingredients.

What’s the benefit of a high-protein content?

A high-protein content means the food is rich in amino acids, and with the right balance and intake of amino acids, you’ll provide your dog with the essential building blocks needed for muscle development and maintenance at each life stage.

Why is your dog's skin and coat so important

A dog’s skin is their largest organ and therefore carries a heavy demand for nutrients. It is also the first to show deterioration when a dog’s nutrition has been compromised. This is why certain nutrients such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 (linoleic) essential fatty acids are critical for maintaining a healthy skin and coat; and they are fundamental to the Lokuno recipes.

Pet food specially formulated for each life stage

The nutritional needs of your dog change as he or she gets older. For example, a puppy’s nutritional requirements are greater than those of an adult dog as they grow and develop their bones, muscles and organs.

  • The best diet for your puppy   Lokuno puppy food is especially formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet for puppies up to 14 months of age.

  • The best diet for your adult dog – adult dogs have relatively lower nutrient requirements than a puppy but more than a senior dog. The right balance of nutrients prolongs the onset of potential health problems that come with old age. This means meeting essential needs at an increased body weight while keeping the risk of obesity (from feeding too much) low. 

  • The best diet for your senior dog  the transition from adult to senior dog comes with changes in dietary requirements. This is due to natural reduction in lean muscle mass, lowered energy requirements and a greater need for immune support. 

  • Lokuno has taken these key factors and needs into consideration and created a wholesome and nutritious food for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

    Giving the best to your pet but also giving to pets in need

    Lokuno don’t just care about giving your pet the best, they also care about animals in need so, for every bag sold, R1 is donated to animal welfare. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Locally manufactured & affordable

    Lokuno is formulated and developed by top nutritionists in South Africa and manufactured locally. This means that other supporting local businesses, it is one of the most affordable (and top) pet food options out there.

    For more information about Lokuno you can visit www.lokuno.co.za, or pop in to your nearest Aboslute Pets store or shop online and let us deliver it to your door.

    Remember, we are here to help. Visit your local Absolute Pets store or get in touch with us online, or on Facebook.