Absolute Pets Mandela Day 2019
July 5, 2019 08:17

Throughout the year our Absolute Pets teams dedicate time, energy, resources and products to animal welfare all around the country. Supporting animal welfare and serving our community is an important part of our company values and something our team members feel very passionately about.

Leading up to 18 July, our excitement is even greater as we embark on a national campaign across all our stores in celebration of Mandela Day.  

We are very excited to share that for Mandela Day 2019 we are implementing two initiatives - not only will we be running a donation drive through our stores but our team members will also be visiting various animal welfare organisations on Mandela Day to volunteer for a few hours; and we invite all our customers to join us.

Our Donation Drive:

We have put together some packages at a special price that are available to purchase at any Absolute Pets store or online until 18 July, for the purpose of donation..
These packages cover the basic needs of a pet and the biggest need from a rescue organisation point of view.  

All you need to do is pick your package/s and pay – we will take care of the rest.  You don’t need to worry about the product, at the end of the campaign, on Mandela Day, we will deliver all the packages to selected animal rescue organisations.

Donation packages:

Doggy Dinner donation packageFeline Feast donation packageHealth Booster donation package

  • Doggy Dinner 3kg’s worth of Ultra Dog Optiwoof
  • Feline Feast* – 6 x Lokuno cat wet food pouches
  • Health Booster* – 1 x tin of Hill’s Science Plan Canine Savoury Chicken and an Exitel Plus dewormer.

*These donation packages are only available from 5 to 18 July 2019. They are not available for personal use, but only for the purpose of donations to our selected rescue organisations. 

Our goal of 67

When purchasing any of these packages in store we invite you to add your name to our list of customers that have contributed which will be on display in the stores. Help us reach our goal of 67 names in each store.

Our selected animal rescue organisations

All packages purchased will be donated to selected animal welfare organisatons in KwaZulu-Natal, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Western Cape, chosen by our retail teams.

There are 5 organisations that will be the recipients of the packages purchased in that region:

  1. Pretoria Dog Rescue  Pretoria stores
  2. New Hope Dog Rescue  Johannesburg stores
  3. Rainbow Warriors – KwaZulu-Natal stores
  4. CoGH SPCA  Cape Town stores
  5. Change for the Better Foundation – Cape Town stores

Volunteer Day

On Mandela Day on the 18th of July, several Absolute Pets team members will deliver the donations purchased in stores, to the respective organisations and spend a few hours volunteering. We will be assisting with walking dogs, cleaning up, playing with cats, making toys, grooming, building kennels and lots more.

Please join us on Mandela Day in making a difference

We are inviting all customers to join us on this day and come and spend some time at the respective rescue organisations alongside us. Depending on how many people are interested we are planning to arrange some transport, meet at a central point and all go through together – Absolute Pets team members and customers. 

If you are interested in joining us for this please email info@absolutepets.com and confirm your contact details and which rescue organisation you’d like to visit with us.

We thank you in advance for any support of our Mandela Day 2019 initiative!

Happy & Healthy

The Absolute Pets team