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Our top tips for travelling with pets
November 29, 2018 08:21

Our top tips for travelling with pets If you are lucky to be able to take your pets with you on holiday, there are some great products on the market that will ensure your cats and dogs are a whole lot more comfortable and stress-free whilst on the move! Read our latest article for some great tips for your next trip with your pet.
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LOKUNO: New & Exclusive!!
November 16, 2018 09:34

LOKUNO: New & Exclusive!! New & exclusive to Absolute Pets - Lokuno! A protein-rich dog food that is all about going back to the basics of caring for your pet. It is a wholesome and healthy pet food that focuses on the essentials of what a pet needs, keeping it simple and nutritious.
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Our guide to being a responsible pet parent
October 12, 2018 08:14

Our guide to being a responsible pet parent The more we learn about our pets, the more we understand just what goes into being a responsible pet parent. As members of our family, their health, well-being and safety is in our hands; and so in this article we take a look at what it means to be a responsible pet parent and what you can do to ...
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10 Brilliant ways to exercise with your pet
September 13, 2018 08:56

10 Brilliant ways to exercise with your pet Exercise is absolutely essential when it comes to pet care – it helps keep your dog to his or her optimum weight (thereby reducing the risk of health conditions and complications); it stimulates their mind; lets them burn off excess energy; keeps their joints and digestive systems active and give...
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What’s in a bowl?
August 07, 2018 09:05

What’s in a bowl? Is a bowl just a bowl? At first thought, choosing a bowl for your pet may seem simple, however, the type of bowl you choose can make a real difference to your pet's meal times. As an important part of your pet’s day you want them to be comfortable during meal time and develop healthy eating habi...
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